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final2002 - EE214 Early Final Examination Fall 2002...

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EE214 Early Final Examination: Fall 2002 Page 1 of 9 STANFORD UNIVERSITY Department of Electrical Engineering SAMPLE FINAL EXAMINATION Fall Quarter, 2002 EE214 8 December 2002 CLOSED BOOK ; Two std. 8.5” x 11” sheets of notes permitted ________________________________________________________________________ CAUTION : Useful information may be included at the end of a problem statement, so be sure to read each problem COMPLETELY before beginning to work on it. We will be incredibly unforgiving about failures to read the problems thoroughly . Count the number of pages you have, and make sure it equals the page count shown at the bottom, just in case the copy machine decided to omit a page here or there to trip you up. NOTES : Be sure to summarize your answers in the spaces provided to help us determine correct answers quickly during grading. However, turn in and show all work, as partial credit will be given. BE SURE to put your name on all answer sheets and booklets. Make reasonable approximations, but be sure to state all assumptions. Put your name on each booklet and loose page you intend to turn in (now might be a good time). You may read the following after the exam to save time: Regrade policy : We photocopy a percentage of final exams on a random sampling basis to give the teaching staff a chance to spot systematic grading errors even after we’ve handed back exam booklets. Despite our best efforts, though, some mistakes in grading occasion- ally evade detection by our extensive quality control procedures. If you feel that you have been the victim of a (hopefully rare) grading error, submit a written regrade request, along with your exam, before January 7, 2003. The entire exam will be studied for regrading. We hope to have final exams and final course grades available by noon on Friday, Decem- ber 12, at the office of EE214 administrative associate Ann Guerra (CIS-207). DO NOT CALL or email. We cannot release exam and final course grades over the phone. To get your exam, please show up in person and present your student ID, or wait for Axess data to become available. SITN students will receive their exams and final grade through regu- lar SITN channels. Happy holidays!
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EE214 Early Final Examination: Fall 2002 Page 2 of 9 PROBLEM 1 : Negative feedback has been the dominant paradigm for so long that a prej- udice (subtle or not) against positive feedback prevails among many engineers. This prob- lem investigates one possible application of positive feedback in linear circuits, beyond the standard fare of oscillators and flipflops.
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final2002 - EE214 Early Final Examination Fall 2002...

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