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Chemistry 287 Problem Set #1 Fall, 2007 1. Plot P versus V at 0 and 100 ° C for a sample of gas that behaves ideally and has a volume of 1L at 0 ° C and 1 bar. Use any convenient volume and pressure ranges. 2. A gas sample of constant composition has a volume of 1.00L at the sea-level conditions of 1 bar and 15 ° C. What is its volume in the thermosphere at 500 km, where the pressure is 1.6 × 10 -11 bar and the temperature is 1580 K? 3. Experiments by Sir William Ramsey and by Lord Rayleigh around 1894 led to a gas residue remaining when all the then-known components of air had been removed. The density of the residue was 1.61 g L -1 at 25 ° C and l bar. What element had they obtained? 4. A gas mixture contains 100 g of hydrogen and 100 g of nitrogen. Assuming ideal behavior of the gas mixture, calculate the volume if the pressure is 1 bar and the temperature is 25 ° C. What are the mole fractions, volume fractions, and pressure fractions of each gas? 5. The density of steam at 100
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