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Youmans 1 Roger Youmans Jr. English 101 Writing an Essay Professor Malinowski Wendys is Amazing When it comes to fast food burger joints, you will only find me in one place and that being Wendys. I have been around Wendys my whole life as my dad has been involved in the company of Wendys, so I have got in free food my whole life. I also have worked with Wendys since I was 15, so I am on 3 and half years of working with them. I have plenty of reasons of why I really do not like other burger fast food places like McDonalds and Burger King and will share those with you. The facts I state I can back up because I have worked in Wendys, and knew plenty of people who have worked inside of Burger King and McDonalds. I write to tell you this in hope that next time you want to eat at a fast food burger joint, you have a very easy decision and you choice is the same as mine, Wendys. Some reasons of why I believe Wendys are the best fast food joint is because their burgers are very good as they are “hot, juicy burgers”. Wendys French fries are amazing also because it actually is like a French fry is supposed to be like. Wendys salads are all fresh and made throughout the entire day. They have bottled water for those bottled water lovers, yogurts, oranges, potatoes, chili, all sorts of chicken, frescatas, chocolate and vanilla frosty’s, milk, chocolate milk, and just have so much that when you look at the
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wendys=amazing - Youmans 1 Roger Youmans Jr. English 101...

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