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Youmans 1 Roger Youmans Jr. English Problem and Solution Professor Malinowski In the world there are many different types of communities. Some people might describe it as being a group of people living close to each other that don’t really know about everyone’s life. Others might explain it as a bunch of people being close together, helping each other out with their lives and their problems. All communities have one thing in common; they both have problems within their community and have their own opinions on solutions that could fix the problem or problems. In the community of Rochester there are many different problems that everyone worries about. The one really big thing that makes everyone worry the most is the violent rate among the people living in the city. The people in the community worry about how they don’t feel safe anymore living in their homes. I once had a teacher who lived in the city and said every night she hears gunshots and she doesn’t think any thing of it. This shows that people living there think its normal when they hear something on the news about someone getting shot down and dieing in the city. It should never be completely
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problem solution - Youmans 1 Roger Youmans Jr. English...

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