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Youmans 1 Roger Youmans Jr. Intro to Physical Education Teaching Project Professor Lowden For my teaching project I decided to teach floor hockey. Some reasons I picked this activity is because I love the sport of ice hockey and floor hockey is as close as I could get to teaching that, when I use to play floor hockey in physical education class I always enjoyed myself and others also said they enjoyed themselves and lastly because it gets everyone moving when playing the game. My lesson plan ran fairly smoothly but I did not get to play a game as I ran out of time. My class organization was very well as the class just listened because they are my classmates but who knows how non classmates would react even though I think they would have reacted the same. My drills for the skill development were pretty good but could have been better if I had a puck that glided
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Unformatted text preview: better on the gym floor. I believe I projected my voice very well so everyone could hear me as I am a very loud person anyways when given the opportunity to be so this wasnt really a problem. I tried my best to demonstrate the skills before teaching them enough times so people saw what I did and they could attempt doing the skill the same way. My involvement in the class was in my demonstrations and when I tried to correct kids who were doing the skills the wrong way, I also would have participated in the game if I would of gotten to it as we did not have enough kids to play. Overall I believe I did a pretty good job for what I was given equipment wise and I also believe I would of acted a lot more teacher like if this was a really class full of students rather then my classmates....
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