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Youmans 1 Roger Youmans Jr. Effective Reading Professor Wilber Letters to My Son 2 nd Essay While reading chapters seventeen through thirty-one of the book Letters to My Son by Kent Nerburn, I found myself agreeing with a lot he had to say but also disagreeing with a few chapters as well. His purpose, when he wrote this book is that he is writing to his son to try and guide his son’s choices in life. He uses examples out of his own life to describe what choices he should or should not chose. He shows how there are many different good qualities that one person might have but then another might have a different way to handle the same thing in life but having a good quality also. Some of the chapters I agree with are chapters 19, 21, and 22. These chapters titles are “Craig’s Lesson”, “Women and Men”, and “Falling in Love”. One that I disagree with is chapter 20 which is titles “The Power of Art”. In Chapter 19, “Craig’s Lesson”, Nerburn writes about a friend of his named Craig who was nice to everyone even if he thought they did not like him. He writes on page 122, “Craig was a close friend of mine. He was one of those people who brought energy and life into any room he entered. He had an uncanny ability to focus his entire attention on you while you were talking, so you suddenly felt more important and more responsible than you had before he started listening. He made you better by being around
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Youmans 2 him. People loved him.” Well Nerburn learned a great lesson from Craig when Nerburn thought a teacher did not like him so he did not like the teacher either. Craig told Nerburn to give the teacher a chance and show an interest in the teacher and the teacher will do the same. When Nerburn did this, well Craig was right and the teacher was actually a nice guy but meanwhile probably just thought Nerburn did not like him either. It is like page
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letters to my son2 - Youmans 1 Roger Youmans Jr Effective...

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