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Youmans 1 Roger Youmans Jr. Effective Reading Professor Wilber Mutant Message 2 nd Essay While reading chapters sixteen through thirty of the book Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan, I found myself comparing how real life would react to this story if it was not a fiction book. This story is about an American woman who is taken by a remote tribe of nomadic Aboriginals. This American woman accompanies them on a four month long walkabout through the Outback and while traveling barefoot with them through the rugged desert terrain, she learns a new way of life. She finds her self starting to get use to this simple life as she is fitting in and learning their ways. What I compared was how we did things in real life and made things so complicated, meanwhile this tribe are living the “rough” life as we’d call it and they look at is the “real” life and call civilized people mutants. Some of the things that I compared my life to the story are how everyone seems to have their own special talent that they are called upon to do the job, they can talk to animals, they talk about how we look at them weird as they do to us, and how this American women had changed from beginning to the end of the book when she returned to civilization and was grateful for things she wasn’t before. Our society believes that you can not talk to animals and if someone could, they’d probably be made
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Youmans 2 fun of. In our society people main land jobs in which they don’t use their most useful talent, some people even land jobs that they don’t even like. While reading this book you notice that many people of the tribe are named after
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mutant message2 - Youmans 1 Roger Youmans Jr. Effective...

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