Barbie Doll - suppose to be ugly or fat though says these...

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Youmans 1 Roger Youmans Jr. Effective Reading Barbie Doll Professor Wilber I believe the poem Barbie Doll has a very straight forward meaning which is that people have certain so called reputations that many believe they should be because of magazines, the news, or even a simple Barbie doll. In this poem it states that a girl was born just like any other is. Growing up this child was given dolls, miniature stoves, and play lipstick like many girls would receive. This young girls life was going just as many others do, but what are girls learning really when they receive these so called toys. They are learning simply that they are expected to take care of kids from the dolls, cook and clean with the miniature stoves and also look pretty from the lipstick. This girl without seeing her sounded like she was living a normal childhood of a girl, but then it states that kids make fun of her for her big nose and fat legs. This states she probably must overweight and obviously point blankly had a big nose like it states. Young girls are not
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Unformatted text preview: suppose to be ugly or fat though says these magazines, news stations, and the dolls always looked pretty but why wasnt she, she probably asked that question all the time. She couldnt be that pretty, plastic doll though and had to deal with the awful mean things other children would say because they saw the magazines and what not and didnt know any better that not everyone is like they say they are suppose to be. She was just Youmans 2 as athletic as these others kids, and who knows probably even healthier but still they only saw that big beak of a nose and those fat legs. With all the pressure on this young girl to be like she was suppose to be, she sunk to the lowest anyone could and basically committed suicide by cutting her legs and nose off. This poem just proves that the world can be cruel and if self esteem is not there because of these so called I am suppose to be like this it could lead to bad things unfortunately....
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Barbie Doll - suppose to be ugly or fat though says these...

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