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Roger Youmans Professor Lowden Career Paper Interview Name and Place of Employment: John Lockhart Greece central school district Degree and name of granting institution: Number years in field: 12 Like and dislikes about the field: I enjoy working with people-students and colleagues. Help to mole and mentor students into good people. I dislike and lack of parental involvement in students academics and extra curricular activities. Changes you have observed during your tenure in the field: Much greater focus on the “non-athlete” in P.E what ways can we help them to lead a
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Unformatted text preview: healthy active lifestyle. Grading and assessing has changes drastically. How, why and what are very important. It has become less subjective and more objective. Your perception of the future of the field: Always going to be important to help people live healthy lives. I would prefer gender separated classes and not eliminate competition. Competition is reality, that’s has much to do with success in the real world....
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