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concussion first aid - spine pretty much I was knocked...

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Roger Youmans Jr. First Aid Coach Stein Midterm project Concussion can happen to anyone and at almost anytime. More common in sports of course, but still most people, especially athletes do not know what they have a concussion. I learned growing up through many mild concussions what they feel like and how to detect one. My worse came when I was playing hockey, in 9 th grade. As I went to cover the puck, a kid from the opposing team was skating real fast to try and get the puck before I covered it. As he came in he realized he could not stop quickly enough without plowing into me so he decided to jump over me. As he jumped he did not raise one of his skates high enough and he ended up kicking me right under my helmet on the top of my
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Unformatted text preview: spine pretty much. I was knocked unconscious and did not remember where I was when I woke up laying on the ice with a bunch of people around me. Many things I guess went wrong when I was unconscious as I was told because many people who were helping tried to move me and take off my helmet. This should never be done because it could risk further injury. One other thing that was wrong was when I woke up my coach asked if I could still play the rest of the game which was kind of a dumb question. I ended up at the hospital of course and I was determined to have no damage to my body luckily other then the major concussion....
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