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Sensation! Park Summer Employment Opportunities Are you looking for full- or part-time work in the most exciting surroundings in the greater Philadelphia area?  Are you self-motivated, ambitious, friendly? Do you like working with people? If so, Sensation! Park has the  job for you! There are many advantages to working at Sensation! Park, including a strong benefits package, flexible hours,  competitive wages, a friendly working environment, and the use of park facilities during off-peak hours.
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Unformatted text preview: We have jobs available in the following areas: Food service Ride management Security Transportation Clerical Maintenance Some full- and part-time jobs are available immediately. Other jobs will begin in May. The park opens this year on May 20, the week before Memorial Day. Training sessions begin the week of May 13. There are also summer jobs available for college and high school students (minimum age 16)....
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