9-16-08_Lecture_Notes - Economics 3230 (9/16/08) Reading...

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Economics 3230 (9/16/08) Reading For Thursday: (Shepherd and Walton) For Tuesday: Menard Morgan Thursday October 2, 2008 PRELIM 1 Colonies are economic ventures: land, labor, and capital all necessary Government structure No inter-colonial government on this side of the atlantic – british government and then colonial govs Structures through which colonial policy implicated King and council – parliament is involved particularly in trade and money Governor appointed by king in colony “promoter” for each of the colonies – massachusuetts was promoted by a company proprietary (run by private individuals or companies) and royal colonies highest authority physically in the colony is the governor first governor in Virginia in 1624 has veto power and directly appoints officials under the governor there is a colonial council made up of 12 people, appointed by the crown after nomination by the governor (made up of leading colonials) council serves as the upper house of the legislature – also highest court in the colony colonies have elected assemblies by 1689 the crown has recognized elected assemblies (summoned by the governor and he can end a legislative session- has veto power- all laws must accord with those of England- king can veto) the right to vote is not universal but wide spread - property qualifications – requirements not very steep - most colonists can vote
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9-16-08_Lecture_Notes - Economics 3230 (9/16/08) Reading...

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