Lab Report 2

Lab Report 2 - The lab was to test an AND gate and...

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The lab was to test an AND gate and determine the functionality of it. Through knowledge of logic gates and the parts involved such as inverters and switches and LED lights, the goal was to predict and test which combinations of logic highs and lows would produce a logic high or low output. The basic point of this lab was to understand how inverters affect logic highs, how logic low becomes logic high and how and gates actually work. This was meant to happen by seeing it first hand. For this lab you needed an and-gate of internal structure 74LS08, as well as two of the 7404 inverter chips to provide the TTL load for the circuit, you also need a potentiometer. If you look at diagram one you see that you have a power source routed through the switch, and then through the and-gate, which is the basic set-up for design one. While if you look at diagram two you see that the power and the and gate are wired into the potentiometer, this allows the user to control the voltage going through the circuit and to collect data to understand the switch between logic low and high. In diagram three the inverters come into play to show how they affect the logic high and low signals in
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Lab Report 2 - The lab was to test an AND gate and...

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