10-7-08_Lecture_Notes - Economics 323 Today(Russell...

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Economics 323 (10/7/08) Today: (Russell) Thursday: Doerflinger, Walton, Galenaon Thursday 10/16: Thomas, McClelland, Walton Review: upper and lower south have very different staple production north into 2 pieces- new England and middle colonies share of blacks in new England extremely low (under 3%) first settlement in 1607 failed first permanent settlement is Plymouth white pop takes off in the 1630s (puritans and great migration) by 1640, larger white population than the upper south migration ends abruptly in 1643 (puritans take over government in England around this time) – net immigration to new England is essentially zero rate of natural increase accounts for growth no disease environment as compared to the south new England settled by families and not men as in the south birth rate in the south is lower, higher in new England puritans are not a welcoming bunch few indentured servants in new England pop in the middle colonies doesn’t take off until the 1680s (Pennsylvania) penn – “best poor man’s country” English is 35 % germans 33% irsh, Scottish, scot irish 23%, Scandinavians the rest (1790
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10-7-08_Lecture_Notes - Economics 323 Today(Russell...

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