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Economics 323 (11/11/08) TA: Ram Dubey Uris 408 Thursday 2:30-4:00 Economic growth PER CAPITA Slave trade ends in 1807 Acquisition of states completed in 1853- most land belongs to the federal government – public domain (75% federal land- 2 billion acres) States western land, annexation (texas), purchase, treaties which settle border disputes Land according the Jefferson is the basis of a republican government Competency- people own the property necessary to produce their own livelihood Fee simple (free and common socage sort of)- buy land and only owe taxes to state
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Unformatted text preview: government Can only purchase land from the federal government Private ownership was a proven system Many people settled on land before the government surveyed Process by which people become a state? 36 sq miles per township enabling act- federal government can give the land to the states (grant land to states), but only under certain circumstances preemption law- squatters have the right warrant- allows veterans to claim lands due to military service (IOU payable in land)...
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