12-2-08_Lecture_Notes - ECONOMICS 323 (12-2-08) Today:...

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ECONOMICS 323 (12-2-08) Today: Hounshell, Smith, Temin “Labor” Thursday: Walton chapter 11 p 177-82 Industry primarily in the northeast prior to the civil war Organizational and structural changes in primary branches of industry Technological changes- materials sources of power and mechanization Shift away from wood- early 19 th century virtually everything was made from wood Mechanization- replacing the action of human hands on materials with the actions of machines- people become machine tenders rather than doing the actual work Emergence of the machine tool industry/how they are built: primarily by the firms that are going to use the machines, need to build machines themselves Factories: produce textile products, and also produce the machines to do so Over time, there is specialization in machine tool manufacturing Textiles begin selling machine building services and old machines to other firms Machine tool industry becomes a repository of technological knowledge The industrial development has been rapid in percentage terms- easy to grow when percentage comes from zero- industrial output behind great Britain Imitator- technological knowledge can be taken from Britain even though they supplied the investment Emergence of laboring class that works in factories- people who do not have their own competency- influx of immigrants, displace farm households as factory workers Crystal place exhibition in 1851 in London – 599 items (primarily agricultural but also manufacturing) 159 of 5000 prizes ¼ - US established as an industrial power Shoes were mainly made in households until 1850 Next stage- production moves out of the household into the craft shop- leather brought to craftsman and he produces shoes
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12-2-08_Lecture_Notes - ECONOMICS 323 (12-2-08) Today:...

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