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lab5 - command was called in the original program They...

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Abstract This lab was meant to teach the students how to convert the simulator code into code that is useable on the hardware (SBC). This requires the command try to be replaced with code which allows the I/O devices to work along with the hardware. To make sure this was done correctly the lab asked for the first lab, which was given to be converted into a lab that could use polled ACIA protocol. Procedure The Lab requires very little work to be done on it, the program itself is to convert lowercase characters to uppercase characters; exactly what lab one does. The only bit of programming required is to change the try command into subroutines which does the same tasks. They’re three subroutines that are needed, one to take in a string, one to print out a string and one to print out a character. They all are to be jumped to where they try
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Unformatted text preview: command was called in the original program. They execute the given function and then they’ll jump back to the original program. Other then those three major changes there isn’t really much else to do in the lab. Conclusion This lab was very effective in showing how to make a program run on the hardware (SBC) rather then the simulator. However it was not so easy to translate programs from one to the other. Where the user can easily debug in the simulator where the user can constantly see where the program malfunctions and can fix it. However when the program moves to the hardware the command will not execute in the simulator thus the only way to remotely tell what is going on is to use the hardware which is not always available to the user. Making the work much more time consuming and harder for the user on the given basis....
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