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A. Some scholars have argued that the death of Muhammad and the subsequent murder of Uthman confronted the nascent Muslim community with a constitutional crisis from which it never fully recovered. Discuss this statement with respect to Muslim history in the period between 632 and 1258 , paying special attention to the issues of political succession, divisions within the Muslim community, changing forms of leadership, and differences in attitudes toward political authority. B. Discuss changes in the make-up of the Muslim military establishment in the period between 610 and 1258 . What were the social, economic, and political consequences of these changes (be sure to say something about the layout of cities)?
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Unformatted text preview: What, in your view, are the primary advantages and/or disadvantages of the choices that were made? What lasting impact did these changes have on Muslim society? C. Islam, although rooted in western Arabia, is arguably a product of the encounter between the Arab followers of Muhammad and the existing religions and cultures of the Mediterranean world and Southwest Asia. In your opinion, was Islam a force of disruption or continuity? What, in your view, are the most important continuities and discontinuities between Islamic civilization and the civilizations of its predecessors in these regions in the period between 600 and 1258 ?...
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