Chapter-1 Introduction to Linux Kernel

Chapter-1 Introduction to Linux Kernel - Chapter 1 -...

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Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Linux Kernel Introduction to the Linux Kernel Linux was first created by “Linus Torvalds” in 1991 as an operating system for computers using the Intel 80386 microprocessors. “Linus Torvalds” decided to create his own operating system because of the lack of a powerful and free Unix system. Microsoft DOS was only useful for gaming and Unix version he was using those days “Minix” was hard to manipulate and distribute because of license rules. He started by creating a terminal emulator to connect UNIX systems in his university but in short time his system become a complete OS and then he released his codes on internet. As a result of license rules Linux became gained popularity and many people started developing, changing and improving codes and later Linux became a collaboratively developed project. Today Linux is a complete powerful operating system which can be run on computer which uses many popular processors like AMD, Intel, Power PC, SPARC etc. and supported by many companies including big corporates like IBM and Novel. Linux is a Unix clone which borrows ideas from Unix but it is not a direct descendant of Unix source code. The main power of Linux comes from it is non commercial collaborative development process. Everyone can get the Linux source code and make changes and distribute but only the rule is people should give the same rights they had before their development. Overview of Operating Systems and Kernels Today operating systems become very complicated and commercial products which include lots of stuff and some users think that everything they see on their screen is operating system. But an OS is the basic parts of the system responsible for use and administration like kernel, device drivers, boot loader but not Web Browser or Audio Player. In an operating system Kernel is the innermost part. Which provides basic services for other parts of
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Chapter-1 Introduction to Linux Kernel - Chapter 1 -...

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