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I. Introduction 1. What is Islam? a. Monotheistic b. Prophet Muhammad c. Rises in mountain arena d. Seal of prophecy 2. Transition – Islam shares both similarities and differences with Christianity & Judaism II. 1. Structure of religion a. Monotheistic b. Led by prophet (Jesus, Abraham, Muhammad) c. Bible, Torah, Koran 2. Relation of important characters a. i. ii. iii. 3. Religious Doctrine a. Christianity – Ten Commandments b. Islam – Five Pillars, Ten Commandments found within Quran in different wording c. Judaism – Ten Commandments 4. Split Into Factions a. Christianity splits into sects within the Byzantine Empire b. Islam splits into sects after death of Muhammad c. Divisions within Judaism; Orthodox, Conservative, Reform III. Ambiguous Similarities 1. Hierarchy – no direct relation between religions and hierarchy; however there are similar structures. a.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Caliph & Imams (Shiites) in Islam 2. Patriarchal Lineage a. David & Bathsheba give birth to Solomon to continue line b. Mary & Joseph give birth to Jesus c. Muhammad & wives bear sons that die before age of maturity. This shows that Muhammad did try to continue his line; however, he disowns Zayd in order to marry Zaynab, which seals the prophecy. IV. Differences 1. Religious Toleration a. Pax Islamica – Peace for Muslims within Empire b. Social Pyramid – Islam/Arabs, Persians, Kurds/Jews, Christians, Zorastrians c. Dhimmis – Non-Muslim protectorates, paid a poll tax, Caliph had to have a legitimate reason to kick them out of the community d. All of humanity is open to religion 2. Polygamy 1. Men were permitted to have multiple wives; Muhammad had several 3. Representation of God and His messenger 1. Islam doesn’t permit representation of God or Muhammad in artwork, hence the absence of Muslim artists… => Calligraphy...
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Islam_Christianity_Outline - b Caliph& Imams(Shiites in...

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