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Abstract classes let you define some behaviors while making your subclass define others An interface is a class like construct made up of only constants and abstract methods. A text file is data stored in Human readable form. A binary file is data you cannot read because they were intended to be read by programs. A List is an ordered collection of objects A Linked List allows insertion or deletion of an element anywhere in the list. An Array List is better for random access through an index without inserting or removing objects except at the then in because it stores it’s elements in an array A Set is a group of non-duplicate items A HashSet is elements stored only once in no particular order (linked Hashset extends this and allows the elements to be ordered in the way they are inserted. Thus that’s the order they’re retrieve in ) A TreeSet sorts the elements of a set, can only be implemented if the elements can be compared to each other. A Map is stores a group of objects, each of which is associated with a key. A Hash Map is useful for locating a value, inserting mapping and deleting mapping A Tree Map is useful for putting the keys into a sorted order. A IP is IP provides an unreliable, connectionless, datagram delivery service, TCP is the opposite of this
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CS Cheat Sheet page 1 - Abstract classes let you define...

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