Labreport - empty subroutine and back accordingly. The next...

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Abstract The point of this lab was to modify code developed by someone else. The code was that of a queue subroutine that contained errors that were to be corrected by the programmer that was to modify the program. This actions purpose was to give the user an understanding of queues by debugging faulty code, also to provide a template for the lab that followed. Procedure First the file that contains the already developed code much be gained. After the code is gained and placed into a x68 file. Then the dequeue section must be developed. The dequeue section is very similar to the enqueue except for the use of another stack pointer to take stuff off, as well as checking to see if the queue is empty rather then full. it must be combed subroutine by subroutine looking at what it is suppose to have compared to what it contains. The first error should be noticed this way because the first thing the enqueue and dequeue should do is check to see if it is full or empty. Neither subroutine does so, thus the modifier must change the program to jump to the full or
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Unformatted text preview: empty subroutine and back accordingly. The next error is not one that is easily noticed. After test enqueues and dequeue cases are created and the program is run, the memory should show that A1 is being changed when the program jumps to the Full subroutine because of the incomplete MOVEM command. Once all of that is modified the program should run. The next step is to test the three test cases defined in the lab outline. One for empty, one for half full, and one for full the result can be obtained by doing a trace. Conclusion This lab was somewhat effective at demonstrating queues, while it did not teach full concepts hands on, it gave the general idea through partial programming of the dequeue as well and having to know how a queue is suppose to work because of the debugging needed to make the program work. Overall this lab was useful, however there are ways this lab could be more efficient for teaching the defined concepts....
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Labreport - empty subroutine and back accordingly. The next...

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