lab8 - store the values from the keyboard and to put them...

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Purpose The purpose of this lab was to create a test for an interrupt service routine. This was supposed to be done through an interrupt generated through the ACIA. The interrupt was to come from the Keyboard, which when pressed was to enter a character. This lab also allows for a deeper understanding of the queue routines that were developed in the week seven lab. Procedure The first thing needed is the developed queue routine from the lab the week before. Next the programmer must add in the value to set up the ACIA in a interrupt mode, which is new for this weeks lab. After this the ISR must be created, the ISR must determine what type of interrupt is occurring, whether it be a transmit or receive interrupt once it determines which type it is, the ISR must pick the appropriate subroutine, either the put_char routine if it’s a transmit interrupt or a get_char routine if it’s a receive interrupt. From there it functions much like the lab from week 7, it uses the queues to
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Unformatted text preview: store the values from the keyboard, and to put them out to the screen. The queues are used to tell when to turn off the interrupt for the transmit queue and turn it back one as well as when to return from the transmitting to the main program. Conclusion This lab was very effective in explaining how interrupts work. By building upon the material and code from the week before the ins and outs of interrupts are easily demonstrated. The importance of disabling the transmit interrupts when handling a receive interrupt is clearly demonstrated as well as why it is important to wait until the transmit interrupts are all handled before returning to the main program to reduce the loss of data being printed to the screen. It also shows clearly how the program works through the testing because it prints out the last character that you typed to the screen. Overall this lab is a useful lab, because it teaches interrupts through showing....
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lab8 - store the values from the keyboard and to put them...

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