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Hist 2530 Professor Powers Section Response #2 9/11/08 The beginning of this koranic excerpt strikes me as very forward and non tranquil. As I read it I was a bit uncomfortable, especially with all the references to what is right and wrong. It seems that everything mandated by god, as told to us by Muhammad, is clear cut and holds no room for flexibility. In addition to this rigidity of law, it seems that any deviation from the explicit teachings would result in harsh punishment. This especially pertains to unbelievers whom are portrayed as evil beings whom need to be addressed with the harshest of measures. One of the major underlying themes of this excerpt of the Koran is issue of the non-believers and their apparent evil doing. In the text it seems that any violation or deviation from the teachings of the Koran will result in deadly consequences. If one does not follow the teachings of the Koran, it is written that they may be dealt with in a sever manner, i.e. the killing of non- believers.
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Unformatted text preview: It also mentions that if one deviates from the teachings of god he/she will be condemned to hell forever. It seems that this theme of direct opposition to the non-believers is very specific to a particular time and place. It can be assumed that Muhammad thought of these revelations when he was in Medina and in direct conflict with the pagan opposition in Mecca. In order to legitimize the conflict and inspire his follows to war, these warlike texts were devised. That being said, although their origin was specific to a certain setting, their theme has been used as a timeless device in many Islamic struggles against non-believers. The message of this text is made ever so powerful by the lack of mention of the prophet Muhammad. All of the stanzas begin by stating that the following mandates come directly from god directly, with no mention of the prophet. This method enables the message to contain more authority as it is coming from some supreme being and not a mere human....
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Koranic_2_Essay - It also mentions that if one deviates...

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