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Hist 2530 Professor Powers 10/15/08 Mi’yar and Women’s Rights In chapter four of the Koran, the rights given to women are addressed and explicitly described. The chapter begins by presenting the idea of polygamy and the qualifications for the number of wives a man should have. In terms of marriage it also discusses the giving of dowries and their amount. Also presented is the idea of women gaining some inheritance, specific designations of the amounts received are given in accordance with their relationship to the deceased. The actual ability of women to exercise the stated inheritance rights can be seen in the fatwa of the Mi’yar. The judge’s ruling that the control of the property belong to the daughter shows that in some cases the rights of women were respected and given heed to. Furthermore, the fact that her brother was responsible for reimbursing her further
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Unformatted text preview: compounds this concept of women rights. From the Mi’yar reading it would seem that the rights of women, as stated in legal documents, are upheld and not violated. However, the fact that this specific case had to travel through several judges indicates that there was some skepticism, or at least a great deal of questioning, in respect to the actual legal standing of women. Furthermore, upon the acquisition of her property, the daughter would have most likely had to hand over control of it to her husband, or at least been constricted by his influence. In addition to these limitations, it seems that the inheritance issue was one of the only positive stipulations in relation to women as the excerpt from the Koran indicates their subjugation to males in relation to marriage and polygamy....
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Miyar_Women_7_Essay - compounds this concept of women...

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