Assembly Lang notes on 5-2

Assembly Lang notes on 5-2 - -LSL = Logical shift left,...

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Assembly Lang notes on 5.2: - All Boolean operations can be applied to Bytes, Words and Longs. (Logical Operations in 68000) - Operations on the status register are carried out to alter the mode of operation of the 68000 and the are privileged, thus they can only be carried out when in supervisor mode. - AND masks out bits - OR sets bits - EOR causes the bits to change state. - There are three types of shifts, Logical, Arithmetic, Circular/Rotate.
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Unformatted text preview: -LSL = Logical shift left, thus LSR = Logical Shift right-The bit shifted out of the register is placed in the Carry flag of the CCR as well as the X-bit.-ASL=Arithmetic Shift Left and thus ASR = Arithmetic shift right.-Rotate operations affect the CCR but not the X-bit.-The Rotate Extends operation does affect the X-bit.-Assem. Lang has three forms of shifting.-ASL can cause an overflow; the V-bit indicated an overflow.-...
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