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Hist 2530 Professor Powers 9/24/08 Uthman’s Plea for Life In the writing “The death of Uthman” by Tabari from his work The History of Prophets and Kings the final minutes of the Caliph Uthman’s life are described. In a part of it, Uthman makes a petition to the people attempting to storm his residence in an effort to legitimize his rule as Caliph and make a plea for his continued rule. Uthman begins by reminding the people that the succession of the rulers of Islam was very important to Muhammad and that the Caliph was the representative of god on earth. To follow this up, Uthman continues by stating that each Caliph was chosen by the approval of god because god knew that these individuals would carry out his plan. Thus, Uthman makes the argument that any actions he performed that may have seemed bad or detrimental to the Muslim community were merely the will of god conducted through him. He also reminds the people that by law they have no right to kill him and that if they do in fact carry through, their lives will be forfeit in the eyes of god. He
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