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PAM 210 Professor Owens Problem Set 1 1/26/08 Question #1: a) Population of Interest: “Generation X” Collection of Sample: send surveys to a random sample of persons from “Generation X” asking if they are interested in starting their own business Variables: if persons desire to start a business or not (categorical) b) Pop. of Interest: adult residents of a state Collection of Sample: gather data through surveys of random samples of adult citizens from different sections of the state making sure to include proportional responses from citizens from different groupings such as ethnicities, socio-economic class, etc. Variables: if persons want a unicameral legislature or not (categorical) c) Pop. of Interest: persons previously infected with said disease Collection of Sample: gather data from medical records concerning patients’ re-infection Variables: time until recurrence of disease (quantitative) d) Pop. of Interest: transistors of a certain type Collection of Sample: test and record data for a large number of test transistors
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Unformatted text preview: Variables: transistor life span (quantitative) Question #2: a) min: 5.7 1 st quartile: 8.4 median: 9.1 3 rd quartile: 10.3 max: 35.1 b) outliers lie above 13.15 and below 5.55; there exists one outlier: 35.1 c) see attached d) mean: 9.215909; standard deviation: 1.512113 e) Chicago is not notable windy when compared to these other cities as it falls less than one standard deviation away from the mean. Book Questions: 1.11) This data shows that difference between public and private colleges is generally close to or more than double than those of public schools, particularly noticeable is the large increase from public to private for-profit schools. It would be incorrect to use a pie chart from this data because the recorded numbers are not from a whole and can therefore not be converted into percentages. 1.68) Mean: = Sum of Deviations: 1.74) a. = 5.447931; s =0.220946 b. 343.3537829 lbs./ft. 3 ; =340.1032214; s =13.793208...
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1_Problem_Set - Variables: transistor life span...

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