5_Problem_Set - 65,72,82,62 = 70.25 62,80,73,58 = 68.25...

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PAM 210 Professor Owens Problem set 5 3.11 Subjects: random persons called by interviewer Factors/treatment: if interviewer provided name, university, name and university, and if interviewer said he/she would provide results; overall – treatment is the interviewer’s introduction Response variables: whether or not the person being interviewed continues the survey 3.67 a) “margin of sampling error” is larger for Hispanics than the group as a whole because the Hispanics represent a smaller portion. Smaller portions have larger margins of error because each value has a higher impact and is valued more. b)a very small sample size is unreliable because the data gathered is more likely to not be representative of the whole, being more likely to be skewed one way or another. 3.75 a) 62,62,80,58 mean = 65.5 b) 62,73,82,58 = 68.75 72,82,73,66 = 73.25 73,65,80,74 = 73 66,62,58,62 = 62
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Unformatted text preview: 65,72,82,62 = 70.25 62,80,73,58 = 68.25 62,72,80,73 = 71.75 72,74,80,73 = 74.75 58,66,65,72 = 65.25 Histogram: see attached 3.83 Yes, because there are subjects (students) with certain treatments (the different price histories) implemented upon them that yield numerical (aka data). The explanatory variable is the different price histories while the response variable is the students’ price expectations. 3.94 It is not correct to consider these children as a part of the control group because there is a bias caused by the parents not letting their kids be taught with new techniques. There is the possibility of a correlation between the children whose parents don’t want them being taught by new techniques and their performance, they are not a representative control group because they are not randomly chosen and do not constitute a homogeneous sample....
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5_Problem_Set - 65,72,82,62 = 70.25 62,80,73,58 = 68.25...

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