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Neuromancer Sheet 1 - Neuromancer (1984) by William Gibson...

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Neuromancer (1984) by William Gibson For Monday 1/28 Read at least Part I (Chapters 1 and 2, pages 3 – 39) Some important points to ponder: In what ways does Case have the traits of the American cowboy hero often seen in literature and popular culture? How is Molly a femme fatale? He’s trying to avoid being killed by taking precautions and wandering around with rented weapons, and he’s always on edge that he’s being followed and someone Is on his tail. He is also working with other people, much how cowboys would work together or in groups in order to get something done. People who are in the way get killed. Molly is a “deadly woman” because she seduces Case in order to try and earn his trust and make him listen to her at all times so he doesn’t screw up, but she is leading him into inevitable danger. She is using him for purposes other than love, but being the woman and him being the typical male, he cannot resist. What motivates Case? How about Molly? Case is motivated by perhaps becoming a hero if his mission is accomplished; also, his body has been repaired in an effort for him to complete his mission. Molly is also an influence on him because she holds the whip and he followers her commands. He also knows that if he doesn’t complete his mission he will be killed, which for anyone provides a little motivation to do well. About how far ahead in the future is the novel set? I believe that the novel is set to around the year 2050 or so, not too far ahead of where we are now, but with much greater advances in the field of medicine and medical procedures. There are also robots in the time they are in that resemble the attributes of the cyborgs in the Terminator series of movies. They are life-like and can mimic human behaviors, but on the inside are comprised of a computer. What do we know about the global political and economic order?
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Neuromancer Sheet 1 - Neuromancer (1984) by William Gibson...

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