Neuromancer Sheet 3

Neuromancer Sheet 3 - Ryan O'Hearn February 10, 2008 Here...

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Ryan O’Hearn February 10, 2008 Here are some questions on Neuromancer that will the basis of our conversation as we puzzle our way through the novel. Please write as much as you can before class. FOR EXTRA CREDIT AND MAKE-UP POINTS SEND (GOOD) ANSWERS TO ME AHEAD OF TIME. ALSO, FOR MONDAY PLEASE READ THE FIRST STORIES FROM THE ANTHOLOGY, “Air Raid” and “The Time of Burning.” THE BOOKSTORE HAS ORDERED MORE COPIES. IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE YET, SEE IF YOU CAN BORROW FROM SOMEONE. 1. Neuromancer asks questions about how we define and experience human life and consciousness. Traditionally, human life has been seen as possessing certain traits, such as: *Mortal *Organic/made of flesh *Unique *Unified body and mind *On some level, separate from other human beings *Autonomy In contrast to the above traits, the novel explores/represents body and mind, i.e. human life and consciousness, as altered, split, malleable, multiple, etc. Give elaborated examples. Wintermute is a good example of how intellect and spirit/personality can be separated. He needs something else in order to give him a personality and human traits, otherwise it's just a computer. In contrast to that, however, there is Neuromancer, he has personality and is a computer all in one, something Wintermute doesn't have. Also, the constructs of people also represent an altered or split spirit, because they are just ROM and nothing else can be saved to them. They also need a body to bring them back to "life". The constructs didn't have a real personality either, they just reacted based on what was happening in real-time, with no predictions or thinking into the future. The constructs, computers, AIs, and also humans, are no longer mortal because they either don't die, or they are able to keep
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Neuromancer Sheet 3 - Ryan O'Hearn February 10, 2008 Here...

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