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Human Mating Essay

Human Mating Essay - Ryan O’Hearn “The Strategies of...

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Unformatted text preview: Ryan O’Hearn “The Strategies of Human Mating” Questions Tuesday, September 11, 2007 3. In my opinion I believe that most of Buss’s hypotheses and conclusions are correct, while at the same time some are common sense and did not require an entire scientific study to prove. For example, finding out that men care more about chastity than women was a surprise to me, while the third hypothesis “ Men seeking a short-term mate will minimize commitment and investment”. This is common sense and I don’t believe a study was needed to support this. The other two common sense tests were hypotheses 7 and 9, both basically stating and proving that women searching for short-term mates want immediate rewards such as gifts and dinners, while women searching for long-term mates are looking for someone who can provide long-term resources and support for her and her future family. These both are true without questioning, but I understand that in an attempt to prove almost every aspect of human...
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