Gojira Monster Essay

Gojira Monster Essay - Ryan O'Hearn AoE Essay February 25,...

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Ryan O’Hearn AoE Essay February 25, 2008 The 1954 Japanese film Gojira features a monster that spawned from the ocean as a descendent of an ancient dinosaur, possibly from the effects of human actions and negligence. Because of this carelessness, the monster stormed the city destroying everything and everyone in its path to get its revenge on humankind. This monster and revenge symbolizes how human beings have developed and used technology to their benefit, while at the expense of others. The use and testing of the hydrogen bomb at the time left radioactive fallout all over the area and in the ocean. The radiation may have caused the cells of sea creatures to mutate, to the point of creating the legendary Gojira, or Godzilla in English. Humans should not meddle in issues they do not understand, such as atoms and mutations associated with nuclear and hydrogen bombs. I believe also that there is symbolism here illustrating how God should be the only one to give and take life. There was a reason beings such as Godzilla became extinct, what right does humanity and their technology have to bring something back to life after it has been effectively defeated? Humans have always searched for ways to make their lives easier. Whether it is at home or at work, they have always found ways to become lazier as time goes on. This also applies to warfare, with the invention of large-scale weapons, now known as weapons of mass destruction.
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Gojira Monster Essay - Ryan O'Hearn AoE Essay February 25,...

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