Lab 6 - Ryan O'Hearn Chemical Principles II Lab -...

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Ryan O’Hearn Chemical Principles II Lab - 1011.206.43 Lab #6: Visible Spectroscopy 17:28:21 Purpose Learn how to find the wavelength of maximum absorbance for different solutions, which will help us determine the concentration of an unknown substance using the Beer-Lambert Law. We will also learn how to use the Spec 21 tm visible spectrophotometer to find the wavelength of the maximum absorbance using light to see which wavelength of light pigments in the solution absorb. The chart of relationships of visible light, wavelength, and light absorbed. Procedure See “Chemistry 206 Lab: Chemical Principles II Laboratory,” Lab #6: “Visible Spectroscopy.” One thing done differently was the number of trials we ran the Unknown, which was 2 instead of 4. Data Tables, Graphs Relationships of Visible Light: Wavelength (λ), nm Color Light Absorbed Color Light Transmitted <400 Ultra-Violet (UV) Invisible 400-435 Violet Yellow-Green 435-480 Blue Yellow 480-490 Blue-Green Orange 490-500 Green-Blue Red 500-560 Green-Blue Red-Violet 560-580 Yellow-Green Violet 580-595 Yellow Blue-Violet 595-560 Orange Blue 650-750 Red Blue-Green >750 Infrared (IR) Invisible λ max Range Estimate Solution Color λ max Range, nm 1 Red 490-500 1
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2 Green 650-750 3 Yellow 435-480 4 0.1M CuSO 4 (Light Blue) 595-650 5 CuSO 4 +H 2 O+NH 3 (Dark Blue) 580-595 Spectral Data Wavelength, λ (nm) %Transmission Absorbance (A) Solution 1 (Red) 495 32.5 0.49 505 31.0 0.51 485 36.0 0.44 515 31.5 0.50 525 37.5 0.43 Solution 2 (Green) 650 47.0 0.33
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Lab 6 - Ryan O'Hearn Chemical Principles II Lab -...

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