Lab 1 - Ryan O'Hearn Chemical Principles I Lab -...

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Ryan O’Hearn Chemical Principles I Lab - 1011.205.51 Statistical Treatment of Experimental Data 19:56:08 Purpose Practice using various measuring tools, including volumetric flasks, volumetric pipets, and witnessing and calculating the precision and accuracy of a buret. We will also learn how to calculate percent errors, averages, average deviation, standard deviation, and various confidence intervals for our experiments. This data is used to show how accurate and precise our experiments were, as well as showing us if any results should be eliminated because they may skew the results of the experiment. Procedure See “Chemistry 206 Lab: Chemical Principles II Laboratory,” Lab #1: “Statistical Treatment of Experimental Data.” Data Tables, Graphs Exercise #1 Temperature of Water = 22 degrees Celsius Density of Water = 0.997g/mL Mass of Volumetric Flask = 26.935g Trial Mass of Flask + Water Volume of Flask 1 51.867g 24.857mL 2 51.860g 24.850mL 3 51.847g 24.837mL 4 51.840g 24.830mL 5 51.840g 24.830mL Average Volume = 24.841mL Average Deviation = 0.0102mL Standard Deviation = 0.0122mL 95% Confidence = 24.841mL ± 0.0151mL
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course CHEMISTRY Gen and An taught by Professor Thomaskim during the Spring '08 term at RIT.

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Lab 1 - Ryan O'Hearn Chemical Principles I Lab -...

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