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CHEM 215 Section 5/6/7 Practice Problems – Gas Laws (KEY) October 31, 2006 1. An automobile tire when properly inflated has a pressure of 35.0 psi and a volume of 5.00 L at room temperature (25 o C). What will the pressure of the tire be after a long period of driving if the volume has increased by 0.5 L and the temperature of the air in the tire rises to 33.1 o C? P=2.22 atm 2. Calculate the molar mass for a gas that has a density of 0.964 g/L at 730 torr of pressure and 95 o C. M =303.2 g mol -1 3. A mixture of 1.00g of H 2 and 1.00 g He exerts a pressure of 0.531 atm at 5.0 o C. What is the volume of the container and the respective partial pressure of each gas? V=32.1 L; P(H 2 )=0.353 atm; P(He)=0.178 atm 4. Oxygen gas can be generated by the decomposition of mercuric oxide (shown below). What volume of oxygen gas, measured at 27 o C and 745 torr, can be produced by the complete decomposition of 3.72 g of mercuric oxide? 2
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