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CHEM 215 Mole Problem Practice For questions 1-3: There is an average of 45 M&M’s in a single serving bag. The mass of a bag of M&M’s is 348 grams. 1. How many moles of M&M’s are in a bag of M&M’s? Ans: 7.473 x 10 -23 2. How many bags would you need to have a total of 1.396 moles of individual M&M’s? Ans: 1.868 x 10 22 3. What is the mass of a mole of M&M’s? Ans: 6.50 x 10 24 g 4. Calculate the number of Cr atoms in 1.426 x 10 -10 moles of Chromium. Ans: 8.587 x 10 13 atoms Cr For questions 5-6: An average paper clip weighs 1.07 grams. There are 100 paper clips in a box. 5. What is the mass of a mole of paper clips?
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Unformatted text preview: Ans: 6.44 x 10 23 paper clips 6. How many moles of paper of paper clips are in a box of paper clips? Ans: 1.66 x 10-22 moles paper clips 7. Let’s say for the sake of this problem that the population of China is 1.2731 billion people. What is the equivalent of this population in moles? Ans: 2.114 x 10-15 mol people 8. How many moles of carbon are in 1.64839 x 10-7 g of carbon? Ans: 1.372 x 10-8 mol C 9. How many atoms of carbon are in 1.64839 x 10-7 g of carbon? Ans: 8.265 x 10 15 atoms C 10. A typical hard drive can hold 120 gigabytes of information. How many moles of bytes does this equal? Ans: 1.99 x 10-13 moles of bytes...
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