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gas laws practice - CHEM 215 Section 6/7/8 Practice...

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CHEM 215 Section 6/7/8 Practice Problems – Gas Laws October 29, 2007 1. An automobile tire when properly inflated has a pressure of 35.0 psi and a volume of 5.00 L at room temperature (25 o C). What will the pressure of the tire be after a long period of driving if the volume has increased by 0.5 L and the temperature of the air in the tire rises to 33.1 o C? 2. Calculate the molar mass for a gas that has a density of 0.964 g/L at 730 torr of pressure and 95 o C. 3. A mixture of 1.00g of H 2 and 1.00 g He exerts a pressure of 0.531 atm at 5.0 o C. What is the volume of the container and the respective partial pressure of each gas? 4. Oxygen gas can be generated by the decomposition of mercuric oxide (shown below). What volume of oxygen gas, measured at 27 o C and 745 torr, can be produced by the complete decomposition of 3.72 g of mercuric oxide? 2 HgO(s) Æ 2 Hg(l) + O 2 (g) 5. A balloon with 1.00 L of an ideal gas at room temperature (25 o C) and a pressure of 740 torr is dropped into a tank of liquid nitrogen (T=77K). What will the final volume of the balloon be,
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