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EXAM NO.______ CORNELL LAW SCHOOL CONTRACTS (DEF) Final Examination Date: May 7, 2007 Professor: Hillman Time: 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Part II (Two Essay Questions) (90 Minutes) 1. Read these instructions carefully. 2. This is an OPEN BOOK examination. 3. Read the questions carefully; think before writing and then answer the question asked. Handwritten: 4. You may write your answers in the space provided, or use your computer. You must write LEGIBLY in ink in the space provided after each question. WRITE ON THE FRONT OF EACH PAGE IN THE SPACE PROVIDED ONLY. WRITE NO MORE THAN ONE LINE ON EACH LINE DRAWN. DO NOT WRITE IN THE MARGINS. Computer: THE NUMBER OF LINES ALLOWED FOLLOWS FOR EACH QUESTION: QUESTION 1: 43 LINES QUESTION 2: 42 LINES EXCESS MATERIAL WILL NOT BE READ. 5. The suggested allotment of time precedes each question. Credit will be proportionate to the time allotment. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE
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Contracts (DBF) Part II Professor Hillman Page 2 of 10 May 7, 2007 6. If you are in doubt as to any material issue of fact, state the legal consequences that follow from each of the possible interpretations of the facts. 7. Be careful to make your reasoning clear throughout. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE
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