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1011-215-06/07/08 Page 1 GENERAL & ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY I SCHG 1011-215 FALL 07-1 Sections 6, 7, 8 Instructor: Dr. Thomas Kim Office: 08-A258 Email: [email protected] Phone: 475-4605 Text: Tro, Chemistry: A Molecular Approach , Prentice Hall, 2008 with Mastering General Chemistry COURSE OBJECTIVE: Chemistry is the study of matter and its interactions with energy and other matter. In order to have a functional understanding of chemistry, students will need to be able to interpret the language of chemistry, use and master mathematical/algorithmic tools and methods, and construct theoretical models for understanding the basic nature of matter (e.g. chemical structure). These tools and models will include: Dimensional analysis Basics of chemical nomenclature Balancing chemical equations Applying chemical equations to solve problems Solving limiting reagent problems Chemical logic – Qualitative analysis Use of the periodic table to predict behavior Working with moles, molar mass, and molarity With this functional understanding of chemistry, students will gain some insight as to how we, as chemists, can create new forms of matter, refine our understanding of existing forms of matter, and more accurately predict the behavior of certain forms of matter. COURSE OVERVIEW: Class will be held in two one-hour-and-twenty-minute lecture sessions a week, and one hour-long recitation session. Students should also be enrolled in Chemical Principles I (1011-205), a one credit laboratory course. Chemical Principles I meets one session a week for three hours. The grades for General & Analytical Chemistry I and Chemical Principles I are independently assessed. Course Materials All course materials and handouts will be posted on MyCourses along with links to relevant websites (e.g. Mastering Chemistry). These links can be found under the Content section of the course shell of MyCourses. MyCourses can be accessed directly at http://mycourses.rit.edu/. Online homework assignments for this class will employ the Mastering Chemistry website. Links to this site will be posted on MyCourses and may be accessed directly at http://www.masteringchemistry.com/.
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1011-215-06/07/08 Page 2 COURSE ASSESSMENT Your progress through the course will be evaluated using a combination of written examinations, homework and quizzes, and in-class participation. Three exams will be given over the span of the
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