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First Extra Credit

First Extra Credit - Ryan O'Hearn Arts of Expression Extra...

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Ryan O’Hearn Arts of Expression Extra Credit 16:39:18 April 29, 535 This is the first mention of smelting iron ore in order to make the iron needed for the barrel of the gun. Although there is mention of how the iron was mixed, how did they mix it? Back then, where would they have gotten the metals necessary to make the equipment to melt, separate, mix, and then pour the iron? It is mentioned to be reheated and hammered many until slag is gone, making a wrought-iron sample. I think there should have been more explanation as to how this was done. Also, later in the entry the Yankee was able to mix wax from scratch materials that he seemed to just know, but how did he know what was in wax? The oil from Merlin was also unlikely because of its description of being able to catch anything on fire. What type of oil did the Yankee need for his guns? (More detail on the Iron and Steel for the guns is in entry July 7, 535 , but I still have suspicions, and oil use was described more in entry September 5, 535
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