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Technocracy Essay - Ryan O'Hearn AoE Essay A technocracy...

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AoE Essay February 26, 2008 A technocracy can be defined and explored in many different ways. Through the various books we have read and movies we have watched, we have been able to see various versions of technocracies implemented in the past, present, and future. The first technocracy we witnessed was from the novel by Mark Twain A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court , where one man, Hank Morgan, is brought back in time and helps the people of the past use science and technology from his time to improve their lives. This is a technocracy because way he rules their lives using science as the main social practice. Another great example of a technocracy is present in H.G. Wells’ The Shape of Things to Come , where a world government run by scientists and pursuers of progress runs the future world. Many other examples of a technocracy will be presented later, along with the advantages and disadvantages of such a way of governing the people. Moreover, in today’s world, would such a government survive? Different versions of the technocracy have been shown throughout the quarter. These include running the people based on science and technology while progress is the focus, using science and technology available to watch and monitor a society’s people in order to make their lives better and easier, or to increase the government’s power and persuasiveness. One of the scariest, however, is the possibility of humans no longer running us, but instead giant computers all interlinked and able to make decisions on their own and possess near-human intelligence and logic. The main difference between any of these technocracies is the method they are run, and what the purpose behind them is. Being science and technology based is a method to make sure that advancement will always be made and the people will always be moving forward, without ever needing to look back. But what can come from always moving forward other than new innovations and ways of life? No matter what we do, the human race
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Technocracy Essay - Ryan O'Hearn AoE Essay A technocracy...

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