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RIT Without People - Ryan O'Hearn RIT Without People Essay...

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Ryan O’Hearn RIT Without People Essay – 0502.227.43 Monday, September 17, 2007 It was a normal Friday afternoon at Rochester Institute of Technology, where students were preparing, along with the rest of the country, for the weekend. That is when it happened. There was a moment of silence across the globe as four giant solar flares descend upon Earth with no warning. The electromagnetic field wiped out all types of electronic equipment from cell phones and radios to cars and the National Grid. Power was out almost instantly, the electric world had shut down. As people began to comprehend what had just happened, birds fell from the sky as if all the air had suddenly disappeared. The reality of the situation was that all birds in the sky were indeed deceased, as would soon be all the people. A moderate panic sparked across the nation and the world as people thought about their last moments alive. The solar flares had brought such intense radiation so widespread that no one could escape it. Slowly as cells began to mutate and explode within the veins and organs of our race, all the Homo sapiens began to fall. Birds were killed first by their elevation above the ground; they had been exposed to much more radiation than other animals, which were unaffected. Humans had died because of our cell structure and DNA that is specific only to our race. Life for humans may have ended, but it had just begun for the many species of plants and animals unaffected by the solar flare. Left with a disabled world created by animals higher in the food chain, it was a new world without mankind stomping around. Humanity left the planet full of its junk, including buildings, trash, all evidence of intelligent life, and it would stay that way for years to come. Most of the human remains were gone within ten years, leaving nothing but 1
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dried bones and samples of shriveled skin behind. What had been created would be left behind
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RIT Without People - Ryan O'Hearn RIT Without People Essay...

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