2007 - Mid-Term Quiz ADM2304 February 2007 Duration 90...

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1 Mid-Term Quiz ADM2304: February 2007 Duration: 90 minutes Print Name: ______________________________ Student No. ____________________ Statement of Academic Integrity The School of Management does not condone academic fraud, an act by a student that may result in a false academic evaluation of that student or of another student. Without limiting the generality of this definition, academic fraud occurs when a student commits any of the following offences: plagiarism or cheating of any kind, use of books, notes, mathematical tables, dictionaries or other study aid unless an explicit written note to the contrary appears on the exam, to have in his/her possession cameras, radios (radios with head sets), tape recorders, pagers, cell phones, or any other communication device which has not been previously authorized in writing. I have read the text on academic integrity and I pledge not to have committed or attempted to commit academic fraud in this examination. Signed: ________________________________________________________ Note that a separate 4-page package contains Appendix A and the normal and t tables. Question# 1. [18 Marks] Please refer to Appendix A. Senior management wanted to test the rumour that the units of piece-work production suffer on Fridays when compared to units of production on Wednesdays (there are many “theories” indicating why this might happen). Management selected 15 production workers at random from the day-time Wednesday shift and the same 15 production workers from the day-time Friday shift and noted their piece-work production. The tabulated data for the units produced during the Friday and Wednesday shifts are given for the two groups of fifteen production workers in the ‘Friday’ (Group 1) and ‘Wednesday’ (Group 2) columns in the appendix. There are some graphs of the data, along with output from all the possible tests. a. [ 4 ] Should you use a test based on differences or a test based on two independent samples for this data? Explain briefly with specific reasons. Should the test be a parametric or a non-parametric test? Answer with reference to specific graphs. No credit is given if justification is not provided.
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2 b. [ 4 ] Regardless of your answers above, perform a matched-pairs t-test to determine whether the mean number of units produced have dropped from Wednesday to Friday. (Test at the 5% level of significance.) You may use whatever Minitab output which has been provided in the form of intermediate calculations. c. [ 4 ] Calculate a 95% confidence interval for estimating the population mean difference in units produced. d. [ 4 ] Regardless of your answer in ‘a’, perform a Wilcoxon Test to see whether the
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2007 - Mid-Term Quiz ADM2304 February 2007 Duration 90...

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