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École de gestion School of Management ADM1101A -- Social Context of Business Fall 2006 Mid-Term Examination Professor David Delcorde Student Name: __________________________ I.D. No. _____________ Instructions 1. This examination consists of three parts. Time limit is three (3) hours. 2. No notes, texts, dictionaries, electronic items of any type are permitted. 3. Carefully follow the instructions appearing at the beginning of each part. 4. You must sign the academic attestation appearing below . 5. You must hand in the examination booklets as well as the question paper . Academic Integrity : Integrity is a basic value of our society and of the business world. Academic integrity is also a key value of the School of Management. To underline its importance, all assignment, report, project, or other work submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of a course at the School of Management must include on its front page the following signed statement (signed by each member of a team in the case of a group assignment or team work): Statement of Academic Integrity: This work conforms to the rules on academic integrity of the University of Ottawa: Signature: __________________________________ For more information on what constitutes a breach of academic integrity, please consult the following web sites: http://www.uottawa.ca/academic/info/regist/crs/home_5_ENG.htm and http://www.uottawa.ca/plagiarism.df   Please note that any submission in a course (homework, assignment, report, etc) that does not include that signed statement will not be corrected and will get a grade of zero. 1
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Section 1 Multiple Choice (50 Marks) Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question by writing your choice directly ON THIS QUESTION PAPER in the space provided. ____ 1. A managerial approach to the business/society relationship confronts the individual manager with such questions as a. What changes are occurring in society’s expectations of business? b. What impact is social change having on the organization and how should we best respond to it? c. How can we best plan and organize for socially related business problems? d. All of the above ____ 2. Power is a. the ability or capacity to produce an effect or to bring influence to bear on a situation. b. held exclusively by business so that this is the problem. c. the right to expect compliance. d. held by individuals but not corporations. ____
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