Exam2003 - University of Ottawa NAME Time: 3 hours Total...

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University of Ottawa School of Management ADM 2303: STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT I FINAL EXAMINATION December 22, 2003 NAME S.N. Section: A B C D E F Time: 3 hours Total marks:66 Put your name on THIS sheet too! – YOUR EXAM IS UNIQUE. ALL ANSWERS (INCLUDING BRIEF EXPLANATIONS) GO ON THE ANSWER SHEET. The exam question sheets will not be marked, though space on the back of sheets is provided here for your rough work. Deposit question sheets in the box provided to allow for verification if needed. Note that there are marks for explaining your answers, so make sure you include brief explanations on the answer sheet. There are marks for identifying probability distributions. Calculators, 1 double-sided sheet of notes, on 8.5" by 11" paper (no stick- ons!) are allowed. In using tables, you do not need to interpolate, but take the nearest table value. Q1. A forensic auditor is engaged by a Crown Prosecutor to help investigate and prosecute some criminally- inclined folk who run the EmBill Corporation. 1a) [ 6 ] The auditor knows that only 8 people had access to some important and sensitive files which have been cleverly altered in an attempt to hide embezzlement. The Crown Prosecutor has only enough budget for the auditor to check the files of 5 of the suspects, chosen at random. If there are actually 3 people among the eight who are involved in the fraud, what is the chance the auditor views the files of at least 2 of them? 1b) [ 5 ] EmBill had many thousands of employees, and 10% of them “knew” the books were being illegally altered. Assuming the employees will tell the truth if offered amnesty from prosecution, what is the probability more than 30 out of 200 surveyed at random will admit to knowing about the fraud? Q2. Big-High Pharma is contracted by Health Canada to produce medical cannabis. “Smokin’” Joe Grass, the chief scientist for B-HP checks their two varieties of marijuana, Manitoba Gold (M) and NuFuelLand (N) and finds that the cannabis output averages 1.2 and 2.1 grams per plant respectively, with corresponding standard deviations of 0.4g and 0.65g. Moreover, this output appears to be Gaussian (Normally) distributed. B-HP has greenhouses with 120 Manitoba Gold and 90 NuFuelLand plants. 2a) [ 2 ] What is the expected total production of cannabis from all the greenhouses. 2b) [ 3 ] What is the variance of the total production of cannabis from all the greenhouses if the production of the two varieties is independent. 2c) [ 4 ] Since the plants grow under similar conditions, there is actually a 0.7 correlation between their production. What is the standard deviation of the production of cannabis from the set of greenhouses. 2d) [ 4 ] Regardless of your answers in (a) and (b), use a normal/Gaussian distribution with expected total output of 300 g with standard deviation 80 g. What is the probability that B-HP will get more than 352g from all the greenhouses.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course MANAGEMENT ADM 2303 taught by Professor Phansalker during the Winter '00 term at University of Ottawa.

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Exam2003 - University of Ottawa NAME Time: 3 hours Total...

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