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Michael Arias April 2 nd , 2008 Hagen WRT Research Notes Topic: Video Games and Today Why: With video games and interactive entertainment being such a large part of our culture today, we are able to to see how it affects our society, both with people and the general world Who: The video game industry has taken its target audience from being young children to various ages and people of all walks of life. Where: In the whole world, the video game industry has made an impact, but i will be focusing on the united states. when: being able to go back almost 25 years, i will have various sources to show it has evolved into what is today and how it has became a permanent part of the entertainment industry.
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Unformatted text preview: Through this topic, I will explain how video game have changed our lives today. I will explain it's birth, the crash of video games and it's return to main stream society. from school blips on a television screen to school violence, I will be able to show how it is an integral part of our lives. Articles: http://www.pong-story.com/intro.htm (pong and its influence on being one of the first games) http://www.twingalaxies.com/index.aspx?c=17&id=620 (golden age of arcade games) http://www.thedoteaters.com/p3_stage6.php (crash of video games)...
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