ANTHASS1 - ANTH 102 Assignment #1 1. Although Jared...

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ANTH 102 Assignment #1 1. Although Jared Diamond’s hypothesis regarding the high carrier rate for the Tay- Sachs allele among descendents of Eastern European Jewish populations (Ashkenazim) is still very speculative, I believe that it makes far more sense than the previous three that were discussed in the article. Diamond’s hypothesis states that although genetic diseases are responsible for infecting or killing the homozygotes, they also protect the heterozygotes from other diseases. In the case of the Ashkenazim, Tay-Sachs kills those who inherit two genes, but protects those who inherit one gene against Tuberculosis. This development of protection may have occurred in the Eastern European Jews because of the unsanitary and crowded ghettos that they were once forced to live in. In these times, TB was a very prevalent death causing disease, therefore natural selection made it possible for the Jews to receive genetic resistence to it. 2. There are four basic subfields of Anthropology: biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and archaeology. There is also one subfield that often goes unrecognized which is applied anthropology. Biological anthropology is the study of
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ANTHASS1 - ANTH 102 Assignment #1 1. Although Jared...

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