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Michael Arias Benjamin Hagen WRT 104 March 13, 2008 Working With a Group Our latest project was to inform the class about a topic of our choice. We were formed into a group of 5 people, where we discussed what our topic should be and how we could explain it in an informative way. The topic we chose was airport security and how it is today. In the process of writing, we split the essay into parts so we could all have equal amounts of work. We split it into: security before 9/11, security after 9/11, the types of security and what tools to be used. Each of us had our own separate parts and we were to get together to put all our works together and smooth it out. When getting with our groups on the first day we had our paper assigned, everyone was very informative and helpful Some people gave their own ideas on what topics should be done and those who did not have any ideas for topics had some very good insight on the ideas suggested.
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Unformatted text preview: When we met again in the computer lab, we all agreed on the airport security topic. Next class, we discussed who would have what ideas in the topic. Then we discussed that we would meet in the library next class to go over the finer details and to bring the information we all found on our parts. When we were to meet at the library, all but one of the group members showed up. Without that group member, we were still able to show the rest of the group what we had found and how were to connect all our parts together. This showed that our group was able to work even in a situation where everyone did not contribute. After that, we met one more time to put together our sheets. With all our parts complete, we designated for someone to revise and put the paper together for the final draft. In the end, we succesfully had written a fine paper by effectively communicating with each other....
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