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Chapter 27 1. A mathematics teacher teaches two sections of the same course, each with 40 students. On the first exam, one section averaged a 75% with an SD of 7%, while the other section averaged a 68% with an SD of 5%. Compare the means and determine the z score for the difference between the two sections. Is the difference significant? 2. One high school does a study to see if there is a link between playing music and better grades in high school. The administrators compare the GPA’s (for that year) of students who were enrolled in a music course (such as band, choir, etc.) with those of students not enrolled in any such class. The results are as follows: Total Average GPA SD for GPA Music Students 213 3.52 0.18 Non-music Students 684 3.24 0.22 Compare the means and determine the z score for the difference. Do music students really have higher GPA’s? 3. (Hypothetical) In order to determine whether Coca-Cola or Pepsi tastes better, a student collects 100 volunteers, dividing them randomly into equal groups, one to be
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